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A magnificent scenery of southern xingshe

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In the country's northwest, there is a magical territory. Here is the magnificent scenery, a journey of adventure, this magical place is in xinjiang. Mysterious and stimulate it, vast and enthusiastic, slowly experience, to feel. Into the southern style, feel it.
The southern tour, some are the things that I had to go to the pictures, not entirely known to everybody and it works.

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Published in the 2018-11-9 10:02:47 | Just look at the author
The bench
Published in the 2018-11-9 10:05:09 | Just look at the author
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Four #
Published in the 2018-11-9 10:07:52 | Just look at the author
Good shooting!
Five #
Published in the 2018-11-9 10:26:06 | Just look at the author
Nice shot, plus support!
Six #
Published in the 2018-11-9 10:39:20 | Just look at the author
This post was illustrated Chinese page picture

Seven #
Published in the 2018-11-9 11:39:02 | Just look at the author
Eight #
Published in the 2018-11-9 13:35:48 | Just look at the author
Thank you for sharing the beautiful appreciation
Nine #
Published in the 2018-11-9 13:55:28 | Just look at the author
Congratulations to the teacher. Learn to appreciate.
Ten #
Published in the 2018-11-9 15:14:55 | Just look at the author
Beautiful, enjoy!!

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